The Fox Way is a 39-mile circular walk through the beautiful and varied countryside around Guildford. The walk can be completed in 7 easy stages.

In planning the start and end points of each stage of the route I have made full use of the local railway and bus networks, and also checked that there are sufficient car parking facilities.

Full details of each stage of the route are contained in The Fox Way, a 28-page, fully illustrated booklet produced with the help of my friends Win and Bob King. This booklet is available to download for free and includes sketch maps of each part of the route, but several sections are difficult to navigate and we recommend you to use Ordnance Survey map ‘OS 145 – Guildford’, together with a compass, in order to get further enjoyment from each walk.

Although we have walked in the area for over 30 years we were amazed at the new things we saw when walking the circuit for the first time. The countryside and the views are so different at various times of the year so we would encourage you to do the walk in all seasons. Once you have completed the circuit in one direction, walk it again in the reverse direction and surprise yourself with the many new things you see.

For details of local train and bus services please refer to the following web sites:
National Rail journey planner
Guildford and area bus services

I hope you enjoy the walks.

Richard Fox